We let our work speak for itself…

“The people at All Import Auto Care in Lansing have cared for my 1985 Volkswagen since 1987. They always said my car should make it to 250,000 miles. They were only off by 4,000. The owners – Dennis Smith and Dennis Smith Jr. – have taught me much about my car over the years, as they explained the inner workings and the relationship of the separate parts to the total machine. When they told me about the needed repairs last week, they recommended that I not put that amount of money into such an old car. I have always appreciated their honesty. I will miss them, since the car I am buying today still has a factory warranty. When it runs out, I will return to All Import Auto.”

– Mary Lou Koval of East Lansing

“I Recently purchased a Maserati with the closest dealer being in Detroit, MI. I heard a little squealing in the rear wheels and didn’t want to have to take it all the way out to Detroit to have it looked at. After calling other import repair shops and being told they couldn’t even look at my car because it was a Maserati, I was relieved to hear Denny tell me he would have a look at it. He not only saved me a trip out to Detroit, but took care of the problem, and took care of my car the same way I’d expect it to be cared for at the dealer.”

– Dan Carey of Lansing

“I don’t trust many people with my vehicle, including the local dealer. But I do trust Denny, his work, and his employees. They always do a great job, and any repairs are done in a timely manner.”

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We are located just 3 blocks east of Pennsylvania Ave. by the rail road tracks, All Import Auto Care is here for you!

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All Import Auto Care
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